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Information for commercial customers

Flexible and reliable – on a partnership and sustainable basis

To us, the quality of our products and your satisfaction as a commercial customer are of the highest priority. We try to meet your expectations in a flexible and reliable manner. Developing and maintaining long-term business relationships on a partnership basis are very important to us.

Our product quality considerably depends on the raw materials we use. Our particularly modern slaughter plant meets the highest technological requirements. The slaughter animals are delivered on a daily basis and kept in large-scale lying and stable halls. They are transported to the slaughtering under ideal, stress-free conditions, which has a positive effect on the best meat quality.

Just-in-time and around the clock

Just-in-time delivery of the slaughtered meat products dissected according to your wishes is our core business. As a commercial customer you can chose from our products ranging from pieces through to whole halves of pigs, cattle or venison. They are delivered to you as required – fresh, vacuumed or frozen.

Altogether 500 employees work around the clock in three shifts to slaughter approx. 4,000 pigs, butcher and pack them according to the order and deliver them on schedule each day. Spacious cooling and butchering zones ensure customised flexibility in processing the order.

At a glance

Product offer:
Types of meat:
Pork, venison
Halves, grossly and finely dissected pieces
Countries of origin:
Germany (mainly from the following federal states: Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony), Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands, Belgium
State of delivery:
Fresh, vacuumed or frozen

Contact persons

  • Bernhard J. Simon sen., +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-0
  • Ralf Drückes, +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-39
  • Ralf Kettel, +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-40
  • Rolf Eckert, +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-28
  • Pascal Röder, +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-968