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Information for suppliers

Fair cooperation in all phases

Our behaviour towards you as a supplier is characterised by honesty, integrity and a sense of responsibility. To us, adhering to these main entrepreneurial values is essential in a foodstuff market that is coined by price and cost pressure and even destructive competition.

Quality from the greater region and Europe

We acquire our slaughter pigs from farmers, farmer associations and cattle trade businesses from all over Germany and the bordering European countries. Predominantly, our suppliers come from Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Niedersachsen, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands. Our cattle originate almost exclusively from the close vicinity of our location.

Best meat quality through stress-free slaughtering

The slaughter animals are delivered on a daily basis and kept in large-scale lying and stable halls. They are brought to the slaughtering under ideal, stress-free conditions. Our considerably modern slaughter plant meets the highest technological requirements.

Our slaughter times

Living pigs:
  • » Slaughter times: Mondays to Saturdays
  • » The carcasses are classified according to FOM

Contact persons

  • Rolf Eckert, +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-28
  • Rainer Welsch, +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-57
  • Marius Brachtendorf, +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-60