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Safe and healthy products from sustainable production

As the market is becoming more and more demanding and customers are insecure and increasingly critical, there is a great need for high-level meat quality and services. For this reason SIMON-Fleisch offers a production chain "from one source": From slaughtering to butchering and refining through to logistics, all production stages are centrally controlled.

SIMON-Fleisch applies extensive quality management on all levels of production. To us, it is self-evident to intensively monitor the quality of the slaughtering and butchering carried out by our foreworkers. Furthermore, our products are permanently submitted to physical and microbiological checks by the Quality Assurance department at our premises as well as in external laboratories.


SIMON-Fleisch therefore operates with a consistent HACCP concept and various quality assurance systems to ensure cross-level, integrated quality assurance in all production processes "from farm to fork":

  • » Quality and safety certification by
       QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH (Level I)
  • » IFS standard (version 6.1)
  • » ISO 50001
  • » BGN Awarded Company 2016 - OSH
  • » ORGAINVENT 2018 - Herkunft mit System

At a glance

  • » QS Quality and safety certification (Level I)
  • » IFS Standard (version 6.1)
  • » ISO 50001
  • » BGN Awarded Company 2016 - OSH
  • » ORGAINVENT 2018 - Herkunft mit System
  • » Further quality assurance systems certified according
       to the highest national and international standards

Measures of environmental protection:
  • » Company's own organic sewage treatment plant
  • » Improvement of the CO2 balance by heat recovery
  • » Production of biogas in the company's own primary wastewater treatment plant
  • » Reuse of residual waste
  • » Further processing of sewage sludge as fertiliser

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