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Benefiting from synergies –
filling empty runs

Our company's own fleet consists of more than 60 industrial vehicle units. In addition, we commission a great number of forwarding companies each day to ensure that our customers' deliveries are made in due time. Our own and the external cooling transport vehicles guarantee an unbroken cold chain.

In our company's lorry workshop, which is occupied around the clock, all vehicles are intensively checked in order to avoid downtimes. In this way, technical problems are mostly excluded.

Thanks to our efficient vehicle fleet we are able to guarantee a a timely delivery within the European Union. Due to the capacity in the cooling and butchering zones we are able to flexibly plan and assure a continuously good quality.

Take advantage of the closely knit disposition network of SIMON-Fleisch to transport your cooled goods on schedule. Apart from transporting our own goods, we also carry out numerous transports for customers with our vehicles. We focus on transporting food from Germany and bordering European countries in the direction of the federal states Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

Contact persons

  • Thomas Hees, +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-48
  • Albert Jäckels, +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-50
  • Stefan Laugel, +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-976