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Quality assurance in all production processes

The quality of our products and our customers' satisfaction have our highest priority. We try to meet our customers' expectations in a flexible and reliable manner. Developing and maintaining partner-like and long-term business relationships is very important to us.

Our product quality considerably depends on the raw materials we use. We also seek a reliable and respectful cooperation with our suppliers.

We lay special emphasis on our consumers' and customers' trust in our products. The food we produce must be healthy and safe. In order to guarantee cross-level, integrated quality assurance in all production processes "from stable to table", SIMON-Fleisch therefore operates with a consistent HACCP concept and various quality assurance systems that are certified according to the highest national and international standards, such as the quality and safety certification by QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH (level I), IFS accreditation and certification according to ISO 9001.

We spell Environmental Protection with capital letters

Our company's environmental policy has given rise to numerous investments in the area of heat recovery and energy saving. Organic residual waste, which cannot be avoided, is collected and – where possible – recycled.

The region's winemakers use the composted ruminal content and the grit of the animal transport vehicles as vineyard fertiliser.

The floating residue of our company's own primary wastewater treatment plant is applied for the production of biogas and the resulting sewage sludge is given to agriculture as fertiliser.

The wastewater which passed the organic sewage treatment plant on our company premises is 50 % less polluted than wastewater from private households. Apart from the environmental aspect, this also is a financial incentive as the company achieved a considerable reduction of wastewater costs.