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Leading in Rhineland-Palatinate

At the company headquarters in Wittlich, the family-run, EU-accredited slaughter and butcher business SIMON-Fleisch produces approx. 100,000 tons of meat for food consumption each year.

Headquarters in the "Säubrenner" town of Wittlich

More than 90 % of all pigs processed in Rhineland-Palatinate are slaughtered in the "Säubrenner" town of Wittlich; one in four cattle from Rhineland-Palatinate also originate from Wittlich. With a production volume of approx. 22,000 pigs per week and about 200 cattle, SIMON-Fleisch GmbH is the industry's leading company in Rhineland-Palatinate and among the fifteen biggest slaughter companies in Germany.

Highest quality through to the delivery

In addition to the quality of our goods, punctual delivery is of the utmost importance in trading with fresh meat. In order to assure a flexible and reliable delivery to our customers, we mainly use our company's own fleet which comprises more than 60 industrial vehicle units.

Responsible road to the future

We combine the highest demands in quality with the obligation of a family-run business towards economic solidity and stability and acting responsibly with regard to our employees and the environment.

At a glance

Management Board:
Dipl. Kfm. Alexander Simon (Shareholders)
Bernhard J. Simon sen. (Managing Director)
Erhard Hagen (Authorised Signatory, Head of HR and Technology)

Corporate premises:
45.000 m2
Annual production:
100,000 tons of meat
Slaughtering (per week):
approx. 22,000 pigs
Company's own fleet with more than 60 commercial vehicle units

ES and EZ accreditation:
since 1977 | DE RP ES 313 and DE RP EZ 335
EW accreditation:
since 2000 | DE RP 23027
GKV/EU licence:
since 2008

  • » Quality and safety certification by
       QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH (level I)
  • » IFS standard (version 6.0)
  • » Further quality assurance systems certified according
       to the highest national and international standards